Benro A38T

The Benro monopod has always been the choice for photographers who need the lightest weight support. They offer the ability to make fast set ups and combine the quality and strength of a stable camera support in situations where it is not possible to use a normal tripod. Monopods are ideal for sports, nature, mountaineering and general outdoor photography where weight and compactness are of paramount importance.
The Benro A38T Aluminium Monopod is a light weight support which is perfect to use when working in a small space or for photography events that require fast, fluid movement. The unique pod foot makes the Benro A38T Aluminium Monopod incredibly stable as it is a wide rubber pad which is securely fastened to the foot of the monopod and has circular movement.The Benro QLS, quick lock system twist style leg lock, is great for fast set up and the foam grip gives a comfortable grip in all types of weather. The head plate has reversible 1/4 or 3/8 camera screws. Benro aluminium tubing is made of high strength aluminium alloy which has been especially processed to maintain strength, rigidity and light weight All metal parts are protected with a combination of anodizing powder paint treatment which enhances the corrosion resistance of the product.The head mounting plate uses a locking screw with extended axil connection which provides more than twice the protection and clamping capabilities of other designs.
Weight: 0.6KG
Maximum Height: 1515MM
Folded Length: 500MM
Load Capacity: 18KG
Tilt Range: +85 / -85 (fixed fluid cartridge balance)
Pan range: Pan: 360 degrees
Pan lock: yes