Benro (Twist Lock Tripods)


The Benro HVC FLEXPOD features a patented, multi-function center column that can be positioned vertically or horizontally to provide optimum camera positioning to meet the needs of most any assignment. In the standard vertical position, the column works in a conventional manner. In the horizontal position, the center column offers you the freedom to position the camera in difficult and/or limited access areas, including the ability to extend the camera beyond range of the tripod legs when photographing flat art or similar subjects at floor level. The HVC Flexpod offers of all the features found on both the C–series carbon fiber tripods and A-series aluminum tripods, making it an excellent choice for both studio and location shooting.

Available in 2nd Generation Carbon Fiber Tube or Machined Aluminum


In a short time span the Benro nameplate has firmly established itself among pros and serious amateurs alike as an uncompromising, world-class camera support system designed to perform smoothly and reliably in the studio or in the field.

By integrating advanced technologies into the manufacturing process, Benro’s engineering team has managed to reduce the wall thickness of carbon fiber tripod leg tubes down to 1.0 mm (from 1.5 mm) without compromising the integrity – i.e. the structural, rigidity, anti-twisting, or vibration-dampening qualities of previous Benro carbon fiber tripods.
As a result, Benro’s 2nd-generation, carbon fiber tripods are 15% lighter, 40% stronger in load pressure, and 80% stronger laterally than earlier models, making them 60% stronger overall when compared to competitive brands.

And the legs on all Benro Aluminum tripods are machined to a uniform thickness of 1.5 mm to best ensure a sturdy, cost effective alternative shooting platform.

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