Model No : C-057 n6
Leg Sections : 3-sec
Max. Height (mm/in.) : 1390/54.7
Normal Height (mm/in.) : 1170/46.1
Min. Height (mm/in.) : 325/12.8
Folded Height (mm/in.) : 535/21.1
Weight (kg) : 0.99
Max. Load (kg) : 4

Items Includes :
Tripod Bag.
3 year warranty.

Price : Rs.12963/-.

The 1st generation of BENRO carbon fiber tubes utilized a pull and compression manufacturing technique. With a tube wall thickness of 1.5mm, it provided strength, rigidity, vibration reduction and anti-twisting characteristics that rivaled the best tripods in the business. Upon its release into the market, the 1st generation carbon fiber tripods became very popular amongst professional photographers and serious advanced amateurs.Employing its strong research and development team, Benro utilizes the latest technology and manufacturing procedures to achieve superior quality products. Benro was the first company to develop and apply 2nd-generation carbon fiber tube technology. The new tubes are 1.0mm in thickness yet perform with the highest intensity of strength and rigidity. They achieved this amazing increase in overall strength by incorporating the latest rolling and compression manufacturing technique. The 2nd generation carbon fiber tubes offer the same strength, rigidity, vibration reduction and anti-twisting characteristics that the 1st generation (1.5mm thick tubes) at 30% less weight. The tripod overall weight is reduced by 15% as compared to the 1st generation carbon fiber tripods.Compared with today’s top competitive carbon fiber tripods, Benro’s 2nd-generation carbon fiber tubes are 40% stronger in load pressure and 80% stronger laterally.

In total Benro carbon fiber tripods are 60% stronger that all current competitive brands. The 2nd generation carbon fiber tubes also perform much better under high impact. Utilizing more fibers and less epoxy, Benro eliminated the brittleness and easily crushed tubes of the competitor design. Independent laboratory testing results indicated that, the intensity of competitive carbon fiber tubes had a breaking point of 84.4kgs, while that of the Benro 2nd-generation carbon fiber tube reached an amazing pressure of 134.1kgs). Presently, Benro holds the top position for offering the strongest, highest intensity carbon fiber tube technology within a tripod design in all global markets.