Jobu Design Jr 3 Kit

Jobu Design BWG-J3K Jobu Jr.3 Gimbal Kit
Available for Rs.28000

Photographers looking for a high performance tripod head in a very small package will be thrilled with the Jobu Jr.3 Gimbal Kit with Swing-Arm HM-J2 from Jobu Design. This head has a one-piece hollow, cast, heat treated body making it extremely stiff. It is smaller, lighter, smoother and more compact than the earlier BWG-J2K head. Needle roller bearings allow smoother tilting under heavy loads and better adjustment of friction. Lockout force has been improved 200%, and overall durability has been improved in all aspects. The perfect travel companion, it has an overall profile of 9 x 8″ (22.86 x 20.32cm) and easily fits into the small pockets of your existing bags.

Recommended for long lenses such as:70-200mm F2.8/F4, 100-400mm zoom, 150-400mm zoom, 300mm F2.8/F4, 400mm F5.6, 400mm DO, etc.
Recommended load for lens and camera: less than 10 lb (4.53 kg) total.
Maximum capacity up to 15 lb (6.80 kg) for occasional use.
Rubberized knobs for cold and wet weather usage.
  • One-piece hollow, cast, heat treated body
  • Extreme stiffness for a small gimbal head
  • Overall 1.0” reduced height from Jr.2 head
  • 30 grams lighter than Jr.2 head
  • Includes NEW removable swing-arm (HM-J2) – Fully CNC Machined, not cast. More room for camera clearance.
  • Includes Arca-Swiss compatible quick release
  • Needle roller bearings in tilt axis for smoothness
  • Rubberized knobs for cold and wet weather usage
  • Standard 3/8” tripod mount
  • Camera/Lens Capacity of 10lbs recommended
Maximum Load Recommended: Under  4.53 kg total
Maximum capacity up to  6.80 kg for occasional use
Tripod Mount 3/8″-16
Weight  725 g
Dimensions 9 x 8″ (22.86 x 20.32cm)