A2350SQ2 RED


MeFOTO A2350SQ2 Tripod Kit with Inbuilt Monopod


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MeFOTO tripod metal parts are made of imported high strength aluminum alloy material, the CNC full digital machining and advanced precision forging process, extreme detail processing and precision process, which makes the Mobil gorgeous color series tripod show fine quality.

High hardness and high wear and corrosion resistance of anodic oxidation treatment process for surface using locking system, tube feet rubber sleeve using ergonomic design, comfortable operation.

Type Tripod
Compatibility Digital Camera
Max Load (kg) 12kg
Folded Length (mm) 370mm
Sections 5
Min Height 370mm
Max Height 1400mm
Min Diameter 15mm
Max Diameter 28.6mm
Net Weight 1.77
Net Dimensions 40.0*14.0*14.0
Net Weight (kg) 1.77
Net Dimensions (cm) 40.0*14.0*14.0