BENRO A2970F Aluminum Flexpod
The Benro A2970F Flexpod Tripod Legs are a sophisticated tripod made for those who want to do some macro shooting with the camera facing directly at the ground, or perhaps even pointing under the legs themselves.  Beyond this function, it’s a solid 3-section ‘flip lock’ aluminum model with enough creature comforts to make vacations a little more pleasant with the tripod-though at this size and collapsed length, it should be a journey where the pictures are of paramount importance.The A2970F’s 28/24/20mm diameter leg segment profile provides rigidity appropriate for full-sized SLRs with large telephoto lenses as well as medium format camera systems, and you’ll also get a ‘working height’ of 57.9″, a height that puts the viewfinder at the eye level of a 5’10″ (178cm) person with the center column fully collapsed.  The tripod’s officially rated to support 22 lbs (10kg), and Benro recommends it for SLRs with lenses of up to 400mm focal length.

The A2970F’s flip-lever leg locks are of the newest technology, and provide reliable and fast use with just a small motion necessary.  Benro also has developed a rigid aluminum tubing that’s just 1.2mm thick, which along with the extensive use of magnesium in the castings allows this quite tall tripod to remain below 5 lbs.

Key Features
  • Fast and easy-to-use basic tripod functions, with the added benefit of a center column which can act as a lateral arm
  • A distinct lock allows center column to be deployed at 0-90° relative to the ‘normal’ position
  • Great for use with longer telephoto macro lenses while pointed at the ground around the tripod
  • Magnesium and aluminum alloy combination
  • Foam-padded upper leg segment eases handling in cold weather
  • Individual leg angle locks (24, 55, & 80°)
  • Tripod’s crown has 3 set screws to safely affix any tripod head
  • Weight hook at bottom of center column helps aid stability by allowing you to place your camera bag upon it for a lower center of gravity
  • Dual metal spike and soft rubber leg tips
  • Broad 28/24/20mm diameter leg segment profile
  • Includes a case with shoulder strap
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a297exclosed a297exbag
Sections 3
Max Diameter (mm) 28
Min Diameter (mm) 20
Max Height (mm) 1847
Normal Height (mm) 1470
Folded (mm) 665
Weight (kg) 2.30
Max Load (kg) 10