Gimbal Head GH-1P

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Benro GH-1 head is specialized tripod head for telephoto lenses, it allows you to manipulate the large lenses easily, and it can keep your lenses stably. What’s more, it’s faster and more stable than the traditional ball head, realized the function of using the lens from all different sides and that’s completely adjustable. The lens is set upright when using GH-1.

The GH-1 is made of high-class aluminum, the suitable arm made us feel comfortable. No matter how heavy the lens is, it can afford it easily and stably after the lens is set. GH-1 is compatible with international-style QR system, and Benro PL Series special lens plate would be your best choice.

Dimension : (L X W X H) : 164.5mm X 51mm X 192mm
Nett Weight : 0.7 Kgs
Price : Rs.18500/-.