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Benro iTrip IT25 Aluminium Travel Angel Tripod Kit


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The BENRO iTrip Tripod are the most popular reverse folding compact tripod design we have ever designed, featuring the BENRO ball head, and engineered imported aluminum alloy leg tubes, iTrip Tripod Kits consistently receive praise from photographers and enthusiasts around the world. Now photographers have a new choice, the Classic Travel Angel or the new iTrip design. All the same great iTripd Tripod performance but with the added benefit of a detachable leg which can be transformed into a monopod, the Trans-functional iTrip is sure to be a new Classic.

Compact Design: The IT15 and IT25 legs can be folded back through 180 degrees, making them extremely compact.

• Monopod feature: One of the legs is quickly removable, and when attached to the centre column is instantly converted to a full size monopod with ball head.

• Flip Lock Legs: The tripod is set up quickly and easily, with large flip lock leg levers.

• Adjustable Leg Angle: The legs fold out with stops in 3 positions down to just a few inches off floor level for ultra-low level photography.

• Reversible Centre Column and Hook: The center column reverses for low level photography. A hook on the bottom of the column enables the user to hang additional weights from the tripod ́s center of gravity in order to increase stability.

• Tripod Head: Supplied with matching IH ball head with snap in quick release plate including professional safety lock.

• Additional Features: Soft NBR padded grip, built in spirit level, supplied complete with carry case and shoulder strap.

Benro iTrip IT25 Aluminium Travel Angel Tripod Kit Box Contents• 1 X Benro iTrip IT25 Tripod• 1 X Benro Ball Head• 1 X Benro Quick Release Plate• 1 X Original Case

Load Capacity 6.0 kg
Maximum Height 60.8″ (154.5 cm)
Maximum Height w/o Column Extended 51.8″ (131.6 cm)
Minimum Height 16.3″ (41.4 cm)
Folded Length 16.3″ (41.4 cm)
Weight 1.6 kg