Price : Rs.11500
Supports 10kgs
Benro A2970T Aluminum Versatile Tripod
The Benro A2970T Aluminum HVC Flexpod is a professional grade, aluminum tripod featuring a convertible center column design. The center column is easily repositioned from vertical to horizontal functioning as a cross-bar with angle adjustment flexibility. The range covers 360° horizontal and 180° vertical arcs while the column itself can be positioned and locked down quickly – in any position – with the locking knobs. Useful for macro and nature photographers. The column can also be used in an inverted position.
This tripod also features foam leg grips and a bubble level.
tripods-adj-lg-angls Adjustable Leg Angles
For an extra measure of flexibility, Benro tripod legs can be independently locked into place at three different angles to enable shooting in cramped quarters, on irregular surface areas, or at ground level
tripod_c5 Patented Dust & Water Resistant Rubber Lock Grips with Anti-Rotation Leg System
Benro’s innovative rubberized locking grips combined with anti-rotation legs enable fast and fumble-free set-up plus weather and dust-resistance not found on other tripods
tripod_c9 Stainless Steel Spike or Rubber Feet
Most Benro tripods come equipped with a choice of screw-in rubber feet or stainless steel spiked feet
tripod_c11 Closed-Cell Foam Grip
A thick layer of closed-cell nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) provides a comfortable yet firm grip when carrying your Benro tripod
col-lock-setknobs Column-Locking Setknobs
The angle and position of the adjustable center-column can be locked into place with a single twist of the center-column setknob
tripods-hd-mnt-scrws Head Mounting Setscrews
Setscrews provide an extra level of security when attaching the head to the tripod’s top-plate
tripods-ctr-col-hk Center-Column Hook
A hook, located on the bottom of the center-column, allows you to hang additional weight from the tripod’s center of gravity for increased stability
tripod_c13 Shoulder Strap and Carry Case
Benro straps and carrying cases are made of quality, high-durability materials to provide maximum protection for your tripod and head
Maximum Load 10 kg
Max Height 72.7 in (1847 mm)
Folded Length 26.2 in (665 mm)
Number of Leg Sections 3
Leg Lock Type Anti-dust and moisture seal
Center Column Positionable 0° ~ 90°
Spiked Feet Removable – Included
Weight 2.2 kg