Platiro 110° Wide Angle Lens

 Platiro wide lens

Platiro 110° Wide Angle Pro Clip Lens


Platiro 110° Wide Angle Pro Clip Lens – Premium Lens that advance your Phone Photography.


No longer be frustrated by the lack of space surrounding you. The Platiro Wide Angle Pro will allow you to capture all of the elements that you would like to appear in your final image. The 5 layers of glass on this lens ensure a complete transparency and guarantees no curvatures or distortions. 

Ideal to shoot: Landscapes, Monuments, Groups of people and much more…

  • Laboratory tested lens quality
  • A useful format that will follow you everywhere in your pocket
  • Compatible with front and rear facing cameras. (Also compatible with dual lenses)
  • Can be used with all photo and video apps

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  • Composition: 5 lenses in 4 groups
  • Angle: 110 degrees
  • Magnification: X 0.5
  • Distortion: < 1%
  • Axis resolution: 300 lp/mm
  • Angle resolution: 280 lp/mm
  • High transparency lenses
  • Polarized and anti-glare treated glass
  • Shock and scratch-resistant


  • Platiro Wide Angle Pro lens
  • Platiro Clip
  • Travel Case
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Lens caps (front and back)