7x 5767

Price : Rs.2700.00
Internal Dimensions : 8½ w x 4½ d x 10 h (22 x 11 x 25cm)
External Dimensions : 11½ w x 5½ d x 12 h (29 x 14 x 30cm)
Weight : 703g
Though it doesn’t look like a camera bag, the Velocity 7x – Photo Sling Pack is a unique, ultra-functional pack that carries like a backpack, but swings around to the front for quick access to an SLR with a 6″ lens attached and a couple additional lenses. Inside the main compartment, the camera with lens attached is suspended on two vertical, foam-padded dividers. The secure, zippered Quick Flip Top opens away from the body for fast and convenient access to camera gear. A well-padded sling strap comfortably distributes the weight, but need not be removed to quickly access photo equipment. A Tuck-A-Way waist belt allows the pack to be used while hiking, biking or doing other activities. The front pocket has organizer pockets inside to keep a mobile phone, PDA or photo accessories within easy reach. It also features Tamrac’s U.S.-patented Memory & Battery Management System that uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries from ones that are used up. A pocket inside the lid stores filters and lens caps. This pack is also customizable with Tamrac’s Modular Accessory System components.

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